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**NEW** The 2009 Invitational Top Twenty DVD that I made for the 2009 AHCA National Specialty, "One Night Only".

**The Top Twenty DVD that I made for the 2006 AHCA National Specialty, "History Repeats Itself".

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For Sale Martingale Collars by Christine Anderson Smith


Brown Alligator Collar
Brown Collars

Perfect for puppy training ! These collars are made of soft leather and adjust to fit exactly to your dog's neck measurements when snugged up with the martingale chain. They are fabulous for breeds with long hair because they sit loosely at the base of the throat so they don't cause the hair to matt. They are also kinder than either tight collars or choke chains which can be accidentally snagged making them dangerous to leave on round the clock. Trials have shown that even dogs which have in the past destroyed any kind of collar and others that may have had bad experiences with lead training, accept these collars and not only wear them happily but go better on a lead with higher head carriage. Since they are made of fine leather, the collars don't cause static which is another reason long hair matts ! Once you use our collars you will wonder how you lived without them - guaranteed !

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Ostrich CollarBrown Collar Heart Collar

Ostrich Collar
Alligator Collar
Heart Collar

See how beautiful they look!!

Showing the Collar 1Showing collar 2

$25.00 each plus $2.50 Shipping ($5.00 Shipping Over Seas).

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