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*** 12-29-2014 - I am working on changing my entire website with updates and an intire new interface. It will take me some time as a lot of things are new and have happened and coming up. Stay tuned. Exlysta Afghans will be a much better experience with history, AHCA, and more infrormital information to our breed! And, of course, my own dogs will be updated :-) ***

**04/27/2015 - My new Main Coon cat named 'Winter' - Exlysta Winter Ice. She is just adorable and a great addition to Exlysta!!


***08/25/2013 - Ryder Wins his Seventh All Breed BIS! Thank You Judge Mr. Lee Brown!!***

Rockin Ryder

*** Ryder Goes Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club 2013 - Thank you Dr. Jerry Klein ***

Ryder Hamption

12/02/2012 - First time out as a Special, Ryder wins his second SBIS (two in a row) at the Colonial Specialty under Judge Russ Hastings. The following day, Colonial Supported Entry, Group 2 behind the Top Winning Hound in the US, under Judge Dana Cline. The Third day, Group 1 under Judge Sharon R. Lyons and on to RBIS under Judge Dana Cline. Thank You All!! - Owners: Perry Rooks, Christine Anderson Smith, Sharon Ferraro, and Proudly owner handled by Phil Schafmayer

Movie Trailer I created of MSBIS Group Winning AM GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky - 'Flex' Click here for Flex's new page!

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Sankhya Aries Sky Warrior 'Peludo' - A Success Story


(Ch. Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta x Ch. Absolut Tsunami SC)

** 04/04/2010--The Mother of our Sky/Sobe puppies finished her Am. Ch. Title. Ch. Absolut Tsunami SC. BIG Congratulations to Kelly Ray (Lyrix) who is her Owner/Breeder and to Erin Davis for handling Sobe to her Championship. Thank you all!!!

MSBIS Group Winning AM GCh Exlysta Reflects The Sky 'Flex'

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Christine and I thank ShermanArts for this outstanding production, showing Images and Video of Flex in all his glory. Thank you to Sharon Ferraro for making it all possible, to Don Vasti for his dedication to this excellent dog and also to Phil Schaffmeyer for his expertise in presenting Flex at his best.

** 04/29/2012--Flex wins another SBIS at the Dallas Afghan Hound Club under Judge Amy Sorbe!! This is his third SBIS so far this year!!!!!

** 04/21/2012--Flex wins another SBIS at the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus!!!

** 03/11/2012--Flex goes SBIS at Tidewater Specialty under Mrs. Sandra Weinraub!! Conratulations Flex, Don, and Sharon. Expertly handled by Phil!!

Flex SBIS Tidwater Specialty 2012

** 06/2011--Flex goes BOB at LongShore!!! Congratulations Don, Sharon, Flex and Phil who handles and presents Flex Beautifully!!!

Flex BOB LongShore

** 12/12/2010--Flex earned his Grand Championsip!!! Congratulations Don, Sharon and Flex!!! Pedigree

Flex and Sharon

** 07/16/2010--Flex takes a Group 1 at the Riverhead Kennel Club under Carol Reisman and the following day a Group 3 under Patricia Laurans. Congratulations Flex, Don, and Sharon.

Flex Group 1Flex Group 3

** 02/13/2010--Flex receives an AOM at the Nutmeg Specialty under Ms. Amy Sorbie!!!!!

Flex AOM Nutmeg Specialty

** 10/24/2009--Flex takes the Breed at the Middleburg Kennel Club under Ms. Bonnie P. Threlfall!!!!

** 09/03/09--Flex goes Breed at the Central New Jersey Hound Association under Mr. Jon Titus Steele and the following day goes Breed again at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club under Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus. Both days over SBIS specials. Way to go Flex and Team!!!!!!!

** 12/12/08--Flex finishes with his 4th Major under Mrs. Wilson. Congratulations Flex, Don, and Sharon!! Also a thank you to Anna Stromburg and Teri Tevlin for believing in this wonderful puppy and their handling and support!!!

** Update--Flex goes BOW for his Third Major at the Back Mountain KC under Randy Garren and the following day BOW for another 2 points under June Penta. Congratulations!!

** Congratulations to 'Flex' for winning Best in Sweeps, Puppy Hound Group 2nd, and WD at the Afghan Hound Association of Long Island at his first show at 6 months!! His second show at Riverhead went WD under Patt Trotter. His third show WD for a 3pt. Major at the Westchester KC under Dana Cline (pictured).** Devon Dog Show Association in PA Flex goes BOW for his second Major under Judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy, handled exquisitely by Teri Tevlin! Way to go Don Vasti (Swan River) & Sharon Ferraro Aqua Afghans. Flex is also expertly handled by Anna Stromburg.

FLex and SharonFlex Nutmeg Specialty

Flex MajorFlexAndTeri

Ch. Aries Monserrat 'Serrat'

Exciting News - Upcoming Litter!!

** 4/18/2012 - Serrat has been bred to Ch. Aries Lady Marmalade 'Mya'! Litter is due in June. This should be a very exciting Litter! Congatulations Christine, Marysue and Bob!!!! Serrat is a brother to Flex (MSBIS GCH Exlysta Reflects The Sky)!!

Serrat X Mya

** 6/13/2010 - Serrat goes WD/BOW for a Major to finnish his Championship Title under Gloria Geringer!!

** 3/13/2010 - Serrat goes BOS for a Major under respected judge Dana Cline who also put up his brother Flex!! One Major to finish his AKC Title.

** 4/26/2009 - Serrat goes BOW under Bill Usherwood at the Mattoon Kennel Club for 2 points bringing him to 10!!

** 4/24/2009 - Serrat goes WD under respected judge Pat Trotter who also put up his brother Flex!! He is now sitting on 8 points and almost there!

** 4/05/2009 - Serrat goes WD/BOW at the Kennel Club of Yorkville under Mr. Jamie Hubbard.

** 3/15/2009 - Serrat goes WD/BOW for 2 points at the Dubuque Kennel club under Dr. Endna Martin.

** Congratulations to 'Serrat' for winning his first 4 points at a year old. He is the third puppy out of our Sky x Sobe litter (Brother to Flex and Ryder below) to be pointed! Way to go Marysue Altman (co-owned with Christine Anderson Smith)!

Ch. Aries Monserrat


Aries MonserratAries Monserrat_NJ

Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir 'Ryder'

** YEA for 'Ryder' for winning on his first outings (including a puppy hound group 2nd) at 9 months. Here he is shown with handler Erin Davis. Ryder now has 3 points from the Puppy Class! ** And a new short video of Ryder after his groom. Such a lovely dog!


Other News!

2006--First, let me start out by saying thank you for visiting Exlysta Afghans. I have had the privilege of living with this wonderful breed for the past 20 years. It has brought joy, laughter, and many surprises (as you fellow Afghan owners know) into my home and life. I can't imagine one without them. I have to give a special thank you to my breeder and friends JoAnne Buehler (Sankhya) and Christine Anderson Smith (Aries) for I would not have had the sweet and beautiful hounds I have, and have had, without them! And to all the people who have helped me over the years, I wish you the best now, and always. Please don't forget to sign my Guest Book! Also, please take a moment and fill out my web site survey above. I would love to know your experience while visiting Exlysta Afghans and any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have. Just click on the survey link above, fill out the Survey, and then click on the Submit Button.

2008--It is going to be a very special and exciting year for me as I have bred my first litter last August, 30, of 2007. It is a litter out of my latest Champion boy, Ch. Sankhya Defys Grvity Exlysta to Ch. Absolut Tsunami, SC, co-bred with Christine Anderson Smith (Aries). We are just in love with how beautiful and healthy all 10 puppies are and continue to be. I'm looking forward to showing my girl, Exlysta Lights The Sky (Star) and our boy, Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir (Ryder) this year. I also want to send my best to the new proud owners of their litter mates: Exlysta Reflects The Sky (Flex) with his new owner in Long Island Don Vastie, Aries St Luciea (Lucy) with her new owner in Alabama Emily Hipsh and Exlysta Paints The Sky (Mavros) in New Mexico with his new owner juan and Pam Garcia, Aries Monserrat (Serrat) with his new owner Merysue Altman in Illinois, and Aries Sky Warrior Sankhya (Peludo) in DE.


2012 Afghan Specialty Shows (Best of luck to you all)

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